Monday, March 3, 2008

Resource Idea: Change Machine

This thing would be a cardboard box that looks like a change machine.  People would put bills (or coins) in it, but instead of receiving an equivalent value of money in return, they would receive a card telling them what difference their money will make.  The "receipt" would tell how much they helped us buy a book, dvd, or sponsor a speaker.  If relevant, it could even tell how much the money will directly impact slavery (e.g., "It costs, on average, ___ to free a slave; your money helped to free ____ slaves/of a slave.").  The receipt could also contain contact information for us or for the original Free the Slaves.  The machine itself could have information on it that tells about the state of slavery around the world. 


Free the Slaves: Ball State Chapter said...

I like this idea a lot...and the lifesavers added above. As far as planning goes, we would need to organize a schedule of who would 'man the machine' at different times because someone is going to have to calculate the percentages or whatever after each person puts in their money. We also need to decide where to set up this machine and how to advertise it/if we need to.

-Sarah B

Cara said...

This idea could be confusing, we would have to make sure everyone could easily understand what it is. Also, would a person or the machine be calculating? Would we have pre-made calculations for different amounts? I could not come up with that on my own, so that would make a big difference. Interesting idea, though.