Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newsweek Article - Slavery in Our Times

Newsweek had an article "Slavery in Our Times" published Monday this week. The following is a link to the article:


The article mentions slavery in London, but also tells of a traveling exhibit called "Journey," which tells stories of women who have been enslaved through human trafficking. This exhibit is scheduled to come to the U.S. soon, and we as a group should try to go to it.

This article shows that other people, and organizations, are focused on the same problem; if the message is already out there, we should be able to help bring the word to more people and show them how real slavery still is.

From: Cara

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Phil said...

That's wild. I remember reading a year or so ago that Moldova is one of the hottest spots where traffickers go to pick up girls to send into brothels and other places all around Europe. I wonder if we could figure out how to contact the exhibit and invite them to Indianapolis? I wonder if there are similar "massage parlors" in Indy?