Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fall Event

      - show a video(s)
     - try to get a speaker (FTS person or former slave?)
     - do a slavery simulation (kind of like Displace Ball State), where we give up some of our rights or HAVE to do something
     - maybe we could even do something regular like a monthly fast / hunger-strike where we'd use the money we would've spent on food to buy food to send to those in need 
     - part of an email I got from Judith Hyde (volunteer director at FTS):  "Here's an idea I just got from a group in Alabama.  they did a loose change campaign over a weekend - went to all their friends and family members and asked for loose change... sort of a change for change idea.  that simple weekend event brought in over $3600."

     - Fall Freedom
     - Autumn for Autonomy 
    - Free the Slaves, Give Your Change

    - table tents cost $90 for one week
    - announcement boards
    - stand at the scramble light or somewhere else
    - pull someone around in a rolling cage as if he/she were a slave (a la Sarah B. and Whitney - this would definitely be unique!)