Monday, April 7, 2008


More than 27 million slaves are in various kinds of bondage worldwide.  Indentured service, human trafficking, child soldiery, debt bondage, and the sex trade are only some of the ways that people are forced to work against their wills under threat of violence.  Our goal is to help these people get out of their situations.  Free the Slaves is an organization based in the U.S. that has contacts with grass-roots anti-slavery groups around the world. Together with these groups, national governments, and international agencies, FTS has already helped to free many slaves, but much more work needs to be done.  Awareness needs to be increased; laws need to be passed and reinforced; product chains need to become slavery-free; and money needs to be raised.  It's a complicated issue that can be confronted from many angles.  On the internet as well as on Ball State's campus, some of these initiatives can be met.  Our chapter of FTS wants to help bring you the information and resources necessary for making a difference in the lives of enslaved people around the world.  

Free the Slaves website:

Campus activity this Friday dedicated to helping the cause of displaced peoples and child soldiers:

Campus letter-writing campaign this Saturday from 10am - 2pm in AR 217 sponsored by the Coalition of Student Advocates.  Letters concerning important issues will we written and sent to government leaders.  Speakers including State Senator Sue Errington will also be present.

T-shirts made entirely in Africa to support local farmers and businesses are available at the Atrium bookstore through also sells products that support the livelihood of freed slaves.

visit and search for child slavery, human trafficking, or sex trade.

We hope that some of these resources will help you become more aware of our world and take part in working to improve it.  If you'd like to contact us and be a part of FTS:BSU, send an email to