Monday, March 3, 2008

Another resource idea!

Going off of the "lifesaver" idea (the candy), perhaps we could sort-of take the same idea the previous blog mentioned but make copies of facts or statistics on slavery in the U.S. and attach them to the lifesavers with ribbon or something. This way, if or when we pass out lifesavers at the corner of the scramble light or whatever, people will flock to us and walk away with a little bit more information than they had before. If this plan goes through, who knows maybe this could bring more people to join the organization and help our cause! 



Phil said...

I agree; it could be really good to combine these ideas. If we want to use it as a real initiative to attract more people to join the group, perhaps it would be good to jump on this plan right after spring break and before the semester starts getting difficult and busy again. I think Cara still has a lot of life savers. What should we write on the change machine?
- 27 million slaves worldwide
- check out
- stories/pictures of slaves
- info about slavery in America
- ...

jackie said...

Hey guys,

I'm keeping up with your work. Keep at it. It can take a long time for a student organization to take off.

I wanted to mention that we can ask the library to buy materials. I can find out more about this process, if you want. That way, more $ can go back to the organization?

Cara said...

I left the lifesavers in the writing center. I think if we do this, we should attach the lifesaver to a very small piece of paper with the fact written in large, bold font. Sounds like a good idea, and one easy to accommodate. The only other issue would be working out times people can man the area.

Mona said...

The nice thing about handing out lifesavers or fact sheets is that it is easy to handle logistically...a good thing for a 'baby' organization just taking its first steps.
Either during a meeting or at some other time, everyone who's available can help prepare the handouts (tape lifesavers to paper, etc.) Then, it's easy to pick a location and a date, and have people hand them out whenever they're not in class. If there's a time that no one can man, just agree on a storage spot. The lockers in the atrium can be a great spot to stash lifesavers while everyone's in class.
(note: Mon or Wed is the best day, typically, because passing periods are more often - higher visibility - and people haven't left for the weekend yet. Just a thought.)

S.E. said...

I really like this idea, along with the change machine. One possible location we could use for the colder days is around the lounge area in the Whittinger Building. Several students pass by or hang around that area while waiting for classes or other reasons. I've seen some other campus organizations and fraternities/sororities set up camp there, so it must be a good spot to attract attention.