Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Possible Future Grant Money

This evening, I attended an EIL workshop, and the speaker was a representative of Indiana Campus Compact, a statewide organization that Ball State is a member of. They give out grant money every month to student organizations for any community projects. This may be a great way to fund any endeavors we make in the future that are aimed off campus.

Up to $1000 can be awarded per project, and an organization can request money multiple times, although priority is given for those who are applying for the first time. The representative I talked to also said that most organizations apply during the months of February, March, and September, so we would have more luck in other months, especially during the summer months. The deadline is the 15th of every month, and fifteen days later the organization will know whether they have received the money.

Their website is, and I also have two extra packets that give information about the grant and how to apply for it if anyone wants a copy.

The representative also gave me the names of two other organization that he said awards grant money: the Muncie Community Foundation and Youth in Philanthropic Endeavors. I'm going to look into them, and I'll post information about them if they look promising.

-Sarah D.


Phil said...

Sweet! That sounds awesome Sarah. If you don't mind, I think I'd like to nab a copy of the information from you some time.

I actually heard about a similar grant program just yesterday. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gives out $5000 grants for student organizations who send in a good 2 minute video that explains what they would do with the money. I'm planning on emailing Judith Hyde of FTS to see what ideas she has. Does anyone have any ideas as to specific things we could/would do with the money?


Phil said...

Here are the details:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with two dozen other foundations, corporations, and public service organizations, is sponsoring the “Film Your Issue” competition. The prize: a $5,000 scholarship. The deadline: April 14.

The goal: to find out “what issues burn in the hearts and minds of young global citizens — the next generation of leaders”; to “encourage young adults to contribute to the public dialogue on pressing issues — and even influence policy.”

Two-minute (max.) films on any issue are welcomed, but sponsored categories include:


· Global Issues

· Civil Rights/Social Justice

For the full list of issues and details about submitting your own video, go to Please NOTE: You do not need to be a telecommunications major or even an experienced filmmaker. See the website for last year’s winning videos.

Sarah D. said...

Should I meet you tomorrow (Friday) somewhere then? I have classes from 10 to 12, I can make a quick run anywhere before or after.