Friday, September 25, 2009

Inside / Outside Thoughts

It'll probably be cold, so it would be nice to have it inside. But, that also limits our exposure to random people walking around. However, if we advertise well enough, hopefully everyone will know about it anyway.


Whitney Galvin said...

I completely agree with the part about losing the attraction! If we are going as public with this concert, as we had originally discussed, I think we should really keep it open and where people can easily find it. After writing up the press release, which will be sent to surrounding areas of Muncie, AND INDIANAPOLIS, we should really keep the concert in a place where people can hear it from walking distance and see it from afar.

Sarah B said...

I second Whitney's's an exposure issue. Also I think the location of the field is more likely to be the atmosphere of the concert would be better in my opinion.
Some logistics to consider might be a cost difference also.