Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Concert Dilemma

As many of you are aware, we had to postpone the concert... again. Just the other day, I heard from Ben at Lafollette Field that we could reserve it for Friday, October 16 but not Saturday the 17th. This is cool, but unfortunately the 16th is also the beginning of family weekend. We would be competing with Harry Potter and a few events on campus and in downtown Muncie. Another drawback of this day is that since we got clearance for it so late, we don't have the 30 days required for submitting a request for money to the CAFB, which has funded many of our past activities and could foot the bill for all the expenses the university is charging us. A positive part of the 16th is that many people would be in town and it could still be relatively warm, at least warmer than the other possible days (the avg. temperature on that day is 56 degrees - see

The week after the 16th is fall break, so we'd have to have our concert on Thursday the 22nd. Obviously, many people could be gone by then, but it would buy us some time and wouldn't conflict with other major events. On the next weekend, Friday Oct. 30 could be a possibility - the only conflict I saw was that UPB is showing Transformers at 9. On Saturday Oct. 31, other than Halloween, there's a football game going on in the middle of the day. These later dates would allow us to apply for money and hopefully get more people involved, but it will also be colder (the avg. temp. for the end of the month is 46 degrees).

I know we don't have a lot of awesome options, but I just wanted to get your input. Please vote for a day in the poll on the side of the page. If you have any ideas about other options we have (moving it inside...), please state it on a comment to this post.

Thanks for all your help and work!

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Whitney Galvin said...

As far as the date goes, I think we just need to settle on a date, and get a move on with this thing. If we want to keep pushing it back, we might as well not even have it. I say, we go with Oct. 16th. I know it's only a couple weeks out, but if we push the concert back further we are gonna battle against weather, fall break, and halloween! I say, we tell Ben the 16th works, we put our noses in the dirt and plow ahead. We've got to get these press releases out, and we've got to follow through with the 7 bands we've been in contact with. Otherwise, FTS is gonna get a fairly bad rep. I really feel like we , as a group, can do this. And as far as "family weekend" goes, I say "great!" Bring on the families. It's not like our concert isn't PG! :) Besides, the concert will be going on late into the night, so I'm sure people will be back and, who knows, maybe showing their families the campus if they aren't available for our shindig! I say, let's do this people! :)