Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Law and Order!

Hey Everyone!

Law & Order has an exciting episode on child slavery in New York airing tomorrow night on NBC at 10PM/9 Central.


Two detectives on the show are investigating a double murder when they uncover and child slave trade ring between Haiti and New York. It will really open your eyes to the present-day, modern-world reality of slavery and indentured servitude. The show illustrates some of the psychological complexity of dealing with the victims of slavery who have spent years living with deprivation and fear.

***Keep in mind, 'Chattel' (the episode name) is not a documentary so when you hear Sam Waterson say there are no anti-trafficking statutes in New York - that is not true. In fact, New York recently passed an anti-trafficking law and is one of 40 states that have anti-trafficking status on the books. But only half of those states have laws to help the survivors of slavery.

You can find out more about child domestic slavery [or the restavek system] in Haiti and what FTS is doing with partners to combat it here: http://www.freetheslaves.net/Page.aspx?pid=291

check it out!!

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