Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fall Event

      - show a video(s)
     - try to get a speaker (FTS person or former slave?)
     - do a slavery simulation (kind of like Displace Ball State), where we give up some of our rights or HAVE to do something
     - maybe we could even do something regular like a monthly fast / hunger-strike where we'd use the money we would've spent on food to buy food to send to those in need 
     - part of an email I got from Judith Hyde (volunteer director at FTS):  "Here's an idea I just got from a group in Alabama.  they did a loose change campaign over a weekend - went to all their friends and family members and asked for loose change... sort of a change for change idea.  that simple weekend event brought in over $3600."

     - Fall Freedom
     - Autumn for Autonomy 
    - Free the Slaves, Give Your Change

    - table tents cost $90 for one week
    - announcement boards
    - stand at the scramble light or somewhere else
    - pull someone around in a rolling cage as if he/she were a slave (a la Sarah B. and Whitney - this would definitely be unique!)


chelsey said...

Well, I have two DVD's about modern day slavery that I've shown at different events during my fundraising. They're both from FTS and really informative and good. I think that would be an easy thing to do.

I also thought I should mention that as part of my fundraising one of my ideas was to have former slave, Jean Robert, come and speak at my church. However, after I contacted them about it and found out more I came to the realization that it would cost $1500 just to get him here to speak! Although I'm sure it would be worthwhile, that is a lot of money and we would have to raise a lot to be able to surpass that and make a worthwhile contribution to our fundraising efforts. I guess it just depends though. Would the University be paying for him (or any other speaker) to come and speak or would it be up to the club to raise the money? I'm not sure how that works.

Anyway, I'm sure that if we did figure out a way to make it happen we could probably get a good turnout. We would just have to advertise it well and get the word out. Plus, once people heard about the issue from that perspective they might be more inspired to join!

Phil said...

I've been reading A Crime So Monstrous recently, and the author has mentioned several times that there is a slavery situation in Haiti and other Caribbean nations that is often overlooked because there's so much focus on SE Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Since it's so much closer than other countries, I wonder if there's any way that we could start or join a program for sending people down there to investigate or help. Or, perhaps we could get someone from there to visit us. If we could get this type of plan going during the summer, perhaps it would really catch people's interest in the Fall.